Welcome to Glow Sports USA
If you are looking for a relaxed and recreational league, then you've come to the right place! Our leagues are set up for crazy fun! So you could say that we are different from the rest, but it's no different than wanting to do something bigger and better. Combining the night's sky with adult sports there can be no down side.

We set out on our journey in 2010 to offer Glow Sports nationwide. Since then we've been developing our divisions from city-to-city. With the goal of uniting young professionals a chance to make great friends and lasting memories! We have high ambitions and the sky is the limit, right?

We ask that you take that step and join us for the most incredible times you will ever have. We have seen a lot of events happen in our seven years of adult sports. And now it's time to start another seven years of new ones, with you. After all, how much fun is it playing sports alone? Not fun at all unless you enjoy that kind of activity. So register today whether you are from San Diego, Albuquerque or New York!

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League Registration

League registration has now started for most of our leagues! So get your friends together today and get registered to experience the madness!

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New Divisions

We are in the process of opening new divisions throughout the USA and your city could very well be on the map! We'll let you in on the info.

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New Team Prizes

As an added bonus, each already established league will be eligible for team prizes at the end of each season! Sign up today!

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Start Your Own League

Don't see your city on our list, but would like to be a hero in your area? Contact us today for more info and we'll rock your city!

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By far the best kickball league experience that I've ever played in! The element of darkness and sports just makes for great times and tons of laughs. Anyone who hasn't played already needs to!–Ashley C.

Being new in town I thought I'd check this league out, and I'm glad I did! Not only did I get placed on a super fun team, but I've gained a lot of great friends in the process.–Jen J.

I was told about this league from a friend of mine and knew I had to check it out. And after our scrimmage game was over I was hooked and signed up that very night. Wicked idea!–Gary P.

I met my, now, girlfriend playing Glow Kickball® and we just have a great time each season and she's a hottie!–Chris R.