San Diego, California Glow Sports - Registration Page

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Welcome to the San Diego, California registration page!

You will find everything you need here to get registered for our local Glow Sports. Just simply click on a season, if illuminated, and register for our upcoming season. If you have any questions please visit our 'contact' page and we will be more than happy to help! Also, each city may or may not offer some or all of our Glow Sports. Season counts may vary as well due to the weather and the end of the world.

San Diego currently features Glow Kickball®, Glow Baseball® and Glow Volleyball® for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

Glow Sports Descriptions

Glow Kickball® is played with 11 co-ed players. Each game lasts up to 50 minutes or seven innings. We run our Glow Kickball® as a pure kicking league. You won't find any bunt-bunt-kick boring play here. We also have a home run light barrier that players from around the nation can compete in against one another during our season-long competitions. This league also features all of our own manufactured and designed glow materials which you won't find anywhere else in the world. Oh, and did we mention that we play in the complete dark as well?

Glow Kickball®